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dogzwrld!!! cat luvrs welcome... i guess

welcome to dogzwrld19, our own slice of the internet pie, pretty cool huh? this site is best viewed on a 1920x1000 desktop and not optimal for most handheld devices. unless you own a tiny laptop, then thats awesome. have a click around and find some fun secrets, shoot us an email or read the blog. idk do whatever u want im not ur mum. this account is ran by a pair of freakish conjoined twins, yann and nine9.

*ONLINE 24/7* (sometimes)
LAST UPDATE:30/05/24 @ 15:56pm GMT

name: yann
pronouns: gay/bo
mood: sticky

likes: biscuits, ketamine, jackie O, people giving me money
dislikes: the fact i live alone and have no money and am unemployed

name: nine9
pronouns: she/her
mood: sweaty

likes: my crumby bed, the assasination of jfk, moog, a fat zoot
dislikes: the other one, robert smith, cucumber, sodoku


16:03 PM GMT 17/05/2024: linked up all the album covers on husic.html

NEW BLOG POST: duster review!

10:34 AM GMT 30/03/2024: contact and links on index page, also a few extra gifs dotted around

- added so much random shit to the idex page

- finally working on actually expanding the page instead of just shuffling gifs around, check out the music page!( the pics page is still baking)


- duster review

- cinema page

- DOGZWRLD19 radio

- link up all the albums (music.html)

- guesbook page (RIP 123GUESBOOK :'()

- follow up on those webrings

- fix that hideous blog page

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